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Yase Bike was founded in 2012. Specialized in carbon fiber rims and wheels, integrating development and production according to the international quality standards , with our own factory. We manage all our own distribution and order fulfillment systems in-house which allows us to eliminate the unnecessary mark-ups and further keep service.

As a new, fast-growing brand, we do get asked why customers should buy from us over other brands, So we thought you'd list some main areas below. If you'd like more information, please head over to our Technology page to learn more.   


1. industry leading customer service 

Our customers are, and will always be our number one priority so we invest a lot here to make sure you get an industry leading customer service experience. 

2. 5-year Warranty of Disc brake items

As cyclists ourselves, we know what it's like to have a warranty issue and we'll support customers in every way possible to make sure your wheels keep turning. 

3. Lifetime Crash Replacement Programme for Carbon

Having the odd tumble can happen through no fault of your own. As riders we understand that it can be heart breaking when your pride and joy suffers a bad crash. If your wheels are damaged as a result of a crash please contact us and we help out with a discount off replacement parts.

The History & Origin Of Yasebike

Set Up

Yasebike's founder, JomDai, once worked in a Taiwanese Bike company for 15+ year. He was mainly studied and developed carbon fiber bicycle parts --- carbon  rims,  wheels, spokes  handlebars ,  and frame etc... The research and development of technology has precipitated rich experience and technology for the late Yase brand. During that time, the demand of carbon fiber was not large in domestic,  but huge in abroad. So Yase brand was established in Xiamen, China In 2012.



In 2014, Yasebike decided to focus on carbon wheels and rims after two years charllenge and test on the market, to bring new Innovative product to market with a 'Zero Compromise' attitude. At Yase Bike, we don't like to think we're like other wheel brands.  We aim to produce ,develop, and work exclusively with many of our partners to bring new product to market.



Since launching Yase Bike in  2012. we've worked hard to get our brand onto the playing field and we're truly honoured so many riders have been interested in us, and what we're doing.

We want to be a brand that can look back and be proud we changed lives for the better.  the type of people we wanted to support - they are those that selflessly Inspire, Nurture and Help grow the cycling industry simply because they love the sport, and we support that philosophy every day of the week. 

We sincerely thank you for your support and we promise to pursuit of bringing riders the best product possible.

Give us a shout directly if you ever have ant feedback for us.


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