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2012 Yase was established in Xiamen, China pecializing in the production of carbon fiber rims and wheels, integrating product development and production. All products of our company adopt international quality standards, and the products are exported to overseas and are well-known in many cities at home and abroad.
We have our own factory for production, go to the middleman to earn the difference, With the price advantage ,years of experience technology and good service, the company is deeply trusted and praised by domestic and foreign customers.
We will always adhere to the tenet of customer first, integrity service first.If you are interested in any of our products or have an order intention, please feel free to contact us. We hope to establish long-term mutually beneficial cooperation with customers around the world. Work together for common development.
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The History & Origin Of The Yase Brand

Set Up

In 2012, the Yase brand was established in Xiamen, China.The company's founder, Jomdai, was engaged in production in a Taiwanese company in 2007. He technically developed carbon fiber bicycle parts. He mainly studied and developed: carbon fiber rims, carbon fiber spokes wheels. Carbon fiber handlebars , carbon fiber frame, etc... The research and development of technology has precipitated a very rich experience and technology for the late Dairs brand.
At that time, the demand for carbon fiber in the Chinese market was not large, and there were few production enterprises, but our founder found that the demand in foreign markets was huge.
Until 2012, our founder jomdai decided to start a business and found that the carbon fiber bicycle industry is a very promising market with great room for development, we took out all our savings to create Xiamen Dairs Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd. At that time, Yase Vehicle Industry was a pure-trade cross-border e-commerce company that took goods from other factories to carry out the business. Processing is sold again to customers. The Yase brand was established that year, and the registered trademark was protected by Chinese intellectual property rights.



In 2014, it focused on the development of carbon fiber bicycle wheels and rims. It injected its own unique technology into the production requirements of the factory. The products have high production efficiency and stable quality. The recognition and praise of US, Korea and Australian customers immediately increased the demand for orders.


In 2016, we ushered in our own factory, and the company name was officially changed to: Xiamen Ousheng Composite Technology Co., Ltd. The company has its own strong production team, sales and QC and development team, as well as a series of supporting testing equipment, so that each of our products can be guaranteed higher, so that customers have products that are supreme and impeccable.
Yase has gone through decades of ups and downs, overcoming obstacles along the way, and competing with its peers has also made competitors repulsed. But we forged ahead and finally ushered in a good time to stand firm so that we can serve the majority of cyclists. We are extremely honored and grateful to the vast number of cyclists who choose us. Not only do we want to produce better wheels, but we also want to better serve every cyclist, responsible for their honor and their safety.

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