Bike Wheel FAQs

Road bike rim size

How do you remove a bike wheel?

The process of removing a bike wheel varies based on whether you wish to remove the front or back wheel.

Remove the front wheel by releasing the brake, flipping the bike over, opening its quick-release or unscrewing the wheel nuts, and pulling it off the fork.

Remove the back wheel by shifting the chain down onto the smallest cog, opening the break, loosening your quick release or wheel nuts, then pull the rear derailleur back and remove the wheel at the same time.

Are bike wheels universal?

Bike wheels are not universal.

As bikes come in many different sizes, you’re limited with what size wheels you can use with a bike.

Usually, you’ll be able to make minor adjustments to the size of your wheels or tires, but wheels that are too big or small can easily damage your bicycle.

Can you put a road bike wheel on a mountain bike?

Putting road bike wheels on a mountain bike frame can be done and is a popular option for many commuters who cycle to work in the city but switch back to MTB wheels to hit the trails.

Just remember, as the designs of road and mountain bike wheels vary drastically, you’ll probably need to make adjustments elsewhere on your bike!

But yes, putting road bike wheels on a mountain bike is entirely possible!

Can you put a mountain bike wheel on a road bike?

For improved aerodynamics, the frame of a road bike is typically narrower and offers less wheel clearance than a mountain bike.

Due to the reduced wheel clearance road bikes typically offer, the wider tires and wheels that accompany a mountain bike are not usually compatible with road bike frames.

That being said, some slimmer 29-inch mountain bike wheels with narrow ties may fit on a road bike that takes 700c wheels.

However, cycling with wheels that are too big can end up causing damage to your bicycle.

If in doubt, don’t risk it.

Do bike wheels affect speed?
 Despite rolling resistance only accounting for about 10% of the total resistance experienced by a typical ultra-distance cyclist over an entire race, different tire choices can make a significant impact on average cycling speed.

Post time: Jan-11-2023