Carbon Bike Is Quite Safe

Quite a few riders are worried about safety of carbon material: Is it strong enough? Will it crack when riding? Does it happen suddenly without any sign? Carbon bike is certainly a mature technology.

That is why you can hardly find a bike made of other materials in Tour de France. Those well-trained riders are more experienced than any other person on a bike, who knows the most. They won’t merely ride the same bike because there are several bikes waiting to serve them. But do you know how many kilowatts in the race might be produced, imagining riding for 30-50 hours within a week and lasts 6-8 months?

Secondly, nothing will remain the same as time goes and you make it work. Carbon bike structure breaks after reaching the limit, the same to those metal material. And fault rarely occurs. Therefore, select a trust worthy brand or product is very important, which should be meet standards.

There used to be a 58-year-old male American died in Simi Valley, California. The fork broke when he was riding with 100 other riders. Why does it happen? It is because his carbon bike is imperfection. Under the display of the magnifying glass, there are many gaps and gas cells in the fiber of the inferior carbon material, which is the direct cause of the fracture of the fork.

Generally, most company won’t take chances of manufacturing that kind of bike, that easily cracks suddenly in riding.


In order to guarantee your safety, remember these tips;

  1. Choose a bike that is able to load a person in your weight. That will avoid basically over loaded.
  2. Spend a few minutes on checking your bike before riding, another prevention before riding.
  3. Please don’t challenge anything beyond limits. Like traveling on a riding-unfriendly surface, either too rough or slippery, your bike might be out of control. When you had to pass it, just get off. You and your bike usually fall down and crash into ground. Extreme collision does cause damage to your bike.
  4. Maintain your bike on a regular basis. Replace those carbon parts with potential fault.
  5. Last but not least, be cautious if you want to buy a second hand carbon bike. A used bike might be a real bargain. But can you make sure it is suitable for riding? Defect of carbon material usually occurs to micro structure with perfect macro appearance similar to the previous example. Some dishonest sellers won’t tell you what has happened to his bike. A rebuilt or roughly repair bike is certainly be scrapped. To sum up, second hand bike is last choice.

In order to improve performance, different ways of carbon fiber stacking will be used at different positions of the frame, and a bike will also use a variety of modulus of carbon cloth. All these are integrated to create a carbon frame with excellent performance, which is the essence of the carbon frame. The result of design, modification and test is a carbon bike. An imperfection is more a model than real machine.


Post time: Sep-13-2022