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Operation Guide:
Installing a carbon fiber wheelset is actually the same as installing an aluminum alloy wheelset. Prepare the hub/spoke/nipple/rim/First calculate the length of the spokes, then put the spokes on the rim (to avoid scratching the surface of the rim) and place it on the tuner for adjustment. The front wheel spoke tension is 120kg. The rear wheel spoke tension (130kg in the driving direction) (120kg in the non-driving direction).
After debugging, install the tire pad, and install the bicycle tire with the rubber tire stick. During the pumping process, first hit 20psi, check the tightness and firmness of the rim, and confirm that it is correct, and you can directly hit the highest pressure. After the installation is complete, it can be installed on the bicycle. Thanks.Yasebike.

As the technology of carbon fiber wheels is becoming more and more mature, the quality of products is becoming more and more stable, normal carbon fiber mountain bike rims and road disc brake wheels, XC/TR/AM versions are only for normal riding, without human damage (such as Impact, crash, malicious damage) carbon fiber material will not deteriorate, age, expire after being molded and fixed, because the surface has a layer of paint protection, regular maintenance, wiping, lubrication, basically the life is 10-20 years. If it is man-made damage, the steel ring will be deformed. So please take good care of your car. DH downhill version, although the product structure will be strengthened, if it is too violent, it will also destroy the carbon fiber. Mountain Wheels Recommended tire pressure is 60 psi.
There are many things to pay attention to when using the road V-brake rim. First of all, the carbon fiber V-brake rim will generate high temperature during the braking process, which is easy to explode and deform. Therefore, it is recommended to use the point brake during the braking process, brake for 3 seconds, release for 3 seconds, and ensure cooling. Braking performance, the road tire pressure is recommended to hit 130psi. Use tubeless tires if you can use tubeless tires.

Advantage comparison:
Carbon fiber wheels have an irresistible temptation for some drivers, especially racers. In addition, wind tunnel test results show that carbon fiber wheels can indeed save power and reduce time. But does that mean carbon fiber wheels are worth the money?
Australia-based technical editor Matt Wickstrong has been digging into this question for four years, and here he answers the question about the reduction in the cost of carbon wheels and the popularity of disc brakes.
When you're ready to upgrade your bike, wheels are definitely your first place to start. This is further confirmed by countless consumers who took the lead in upgrading the wheel set when upgrading.
The popularity of finished wheels has undoubtedly greatly contributed to the enthusiasm of consumers. In the past, consumers could only see fully assembled wheels, but now you have a variety of different wheel accessories in front of you, and you can compare the various types, which makes it easier for you to upgrade your wheels.
At the top end of the market, carbon fiber wheels exist like sapphire and are your ultimate product for increased power and flawless performance. Although carbon fiber wheels have become popular in recent years, even overshadowing low-priced wheels, the cost is still huge. But the market effort is huge, and consumers rate carbon fiber wheels highly for their aerodynamic performance.
A normal road wheel set can support a weight of 150kg. Lightweight mountain wheels can hold up to 90kg. The mountain wheel set bears a weight of 125kg.

Topic Analysis:
We have been engaged in the technical production and development of carbon fiber bicycle industry for 15 years, and our knowledge and technology in this area are relatively authoritative. We have contacted the wheel sets of major brands, and we have carefully researched, analyzed, and improved the rims of each brand. Step by step to improve and strive to build each of our products. Yasebike.

Technology Sharing:
We are very happy to discuss bicycle-related issues with every cyclist. I believe that many of our friends also have very professional skills. We can communicate together to avoid some problems and give full play to our greatest advantages. Make our products better.

Summary of a Problem:
Carbon fiber has the benefits of carbon fiber and is lightweight. Rigid. solid. This is one of the best materials for bikes right now. There are also corresponding defects, that is, the lateral rigidity is not good, and the side bears 50kg. And it is not recommended to apply force at a single point, which is easy to cause damage.In view of the above problems, normal operation, normal riding, and regular maintenance. Take every bike seriously. you'll ride farther and farther.

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