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  • Entreprise’s News

    Entreprise’s News

    We advocate the corporate culture of "pragmatic focus, solidarity and mutual assistance, dedication and responsibility, abide by credibility, passion and innovation", "technological innovation, considerate service" is our business philosophy, "clear customer needs, tailo...
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  • Products Information

    Products Information

    Operation Guide: Installing a carbon fiber wheelset is actually the same as installing an aluminum alloy wheelset. Prepare the hub/spoke/nipple/rim/First calculate the length of the spokes, then put the spokes on the rim (to avoid scratching the surface of the rim) and ...
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  • The history and origin of the Yase brand

    The history and origin of the Yase brand

    In 2012, the Yase brand was established in Xiamen, China.The company's founder, Jomdai, was engaged in production in a Taiwanese company in 2007. He technically developed carbon fiber bicycle parts. He mainly studied and developed: carbon fiber rims, carbon fiber spokes ...
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