Product Technology

Scratch resistant technology

Scratch Resistant
Traditionally, rims are wet sanded to remove excess resin imperfections and then sprayed with a clear coat. Yasebike rims are professionally treated from the factory and the carbon layer on the outside of the rim is never disturbed after the cure cycle is complete. This is the most wear-resistant finish we've ever produced.

Lightweight construction method

Flyweight Construction Method
We imported Japanese Toray carbon wire and imported epoxy resin. The prepreg is chemically formulated to be the most suitable for the manufacture of carbon fiber accessories. Can produce light weight and high strength rims, The Toray T-700 and T-800 blend we use not only has the weight reduction benefits of T-800 carbon fiber, but also does not compromise the strength and stiffness of the rim .

asymmetrical edge profile

Asymmetrical Rim Profile
Over the years, we have optimized the asymmetric profiles, preserving the benefits of biased spoke holes while maintaining the direct impact performance of the asymmetric design. This design balances the spoke tension between the drive and non-drive spokes, making the wheel structure stronger and extended in use..

Smooth Wall Technology

Smooth Wall Technology
We used a high temperature resistant special air tube built into the inside of the rim. With our three-dimensional styling duct, the rim inner walls are smoother, fold-free. The air tube inside is drawn directly from the air intake without destroying the carbon fiber structure, ensuring that Strength of carbon rims.

Tungsten steel drill

Tungsten steel drill
Our Yase rims use tungsten steel drills imported from Germany, fully automatic high-speed drilling machines, precise angles, and sharp drills can directly drill holes quickly and effectively, and will not cause the rim to generate high temperature to damage the strength of the rim. The density and strength of each nipple hole are guaranteed.

Dimensional Accuracy Technology

Size Precision Technology
We use two-in-1 molds to make the rim sizes more accurate and undisturbed. The laminate and premolding enter directly inside the . Through our process, the rim surface does not contaminated and eventually you get a perfect roundness of the rim.

Air pressure pulse technology

Air PressurePulsation Technology
Mold pulsation refers to the dynamic control of air pressure to achieve an equilibrium value that matches the resin flow. During the entire molding process, air pressure, oil pressure and temperature must be adjusted as the resin discharge volume changes. This technology can make the bond between the carbon layers stronger, increasing the life of the rim.

stacking process

Stacked process
The prepreg is processed to the corresponding size according to LAY-UP, by workers and built up in many layers with some regularity. Each piece of prepreg is positioned in our preform core, and we use a one-piece layup design to increase continuity and reduce the number of overlapping seams. We use semi-automatic yarn cutting machine, precise data to cut every size, and the end result is a sturdier and lighter rim.

Use only the best materials

Use Only The Best Materials
The shape of carbon fiber rims is complex, and if you want to pursue high-quality products, you must have high-quality raw materials. Our manufacturer Toray is the world's leading manufacturer of carbon fiber, and most of our rims are made from Toray's unidirectional (UD) fiber, but we also offer optional 3k or 12k /1k/3k twill/12k twill woven top layers. In the material preparation process, the carbon fibers are soaked in resin before being put into the mold, which is called prepreg .Our technical team expertly sets the resin ratio, size, shape, type, thickness and angle of each piece of carbon fiber in the rim. The prepreg is subject to very strict temperature control, so the temperature in our workshop is one year 4 seasons the same and small batches are released for cutting during production runs.

One-time winding method

We adopt one-time winding method
Now many factories still use the carbon ring processing method, that is, the nipple reinforcement. First, the carbon fiber is used to fix the molding, then take it out, process it again, and then put it into the preform. This has a bad disadvantage that the weight of the rim increases. In addition, due to the lack of tight bonding, it is easy to cause the inner part of the rim to fall off, resulting in the personal safety of the rider. We are formed after years of research and using independent and independent technology. The product is stable and more rigid. Now many factories refer to our technology.

angle training technique

Angle Drill Technology
All Yase brand rims have spoke holes at an angle to reduce stress on the nipple, rim and spoke interface. If you have your own desired wheel construction, you can also contact us to request a custom drilling pattern.

No residue on the edges

No Residue Inside The Rim
Other rim manufacturers have voids in the upper layer of the rim while the bladder is still inside. While it would be quicker to put them inside, we were careful to remove the bladders so as not to leave any residue. Don't miss every little detail!

Process production process

Flow Production Process
In our factory line, once the program starts, the production of a model will not be stopped, we will produce until the end of the model. When the rim comes out of the pre-mold, the final mold is ready. now able to handle large volumes of rims each month with an excellent flow of production.

Cooling cycle completed

Cooling Cycle Completed
Our rims don't come out of the mold until cooling is complete,. The rim must be cooled down before we take it out. This process takes about 20 minutes. Although we are slower, we can control the size of the rim better.

custom epoxy

Custom Epoxy
We use custom epoxy resins that give our products a safer and more stable. It can also extend the service life, normal carbon fiber can be used for 10 years. resulting in a stronger bond between layers, while also improving product performance.